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Dr. Gruesome

Old Motel

Give Me Your Back Pills

High Voltage

I Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry Cover)

Used Car

Live @ Kensington Market

At Cherry Cola's


George Westerholm has been playing music in the Toronto area in a number of different bands over the years like Sinphonic, and The Creeping Nobodies.

He first met Chris Bennett in 2013 and the result was the album “This” (available on iTunes) a collection of vocal and instrumental songs that was to lay the foundation for what was to come with their latest record. 

Now the boys have planted all four feet squarely in the surf/rockabilly scene with their new album “Hot and Ready”.

Having recruited ex-Sintones drummer (and fine frontman/songsmith in his own right) James Clark and expert bass marksman Mark Shannon the group has been making the regular rounds of Tiki bars and rock and roll clubs in town like The Shameful, Cherry Colas, Stop Drop and Roll, The Bovine and the Cadillac Lounge.


George’s music has been used in Film, Televison and Fashion shows. He regularly leaves his private island to gig and also to work on side projects such as “The Humber River Two” and “Old Filth” with former bass operator Chris Greaves.


George Westerholm and the Wild Wildcats use exclusively whatever gear they can get their hands on.


Chris Bennett’s flowered suit is powered by Love



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